A wall bars made in Poland conforming to European safety standards PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 for gymnastic equipment.

With BenchK wall bars there is time for everything – to work on your dreams and to live your dreams, ‘me time’ and family time. BenchK wall bars are designed to be your lifetime companion and ensure your health is always a priority.
Multifunctional BenchK wall bars, taking up less than 1 square meter (11 square feet), fit perfectly into a modern home, office, gym, fitness or yoga studio, rehabilitation center, hotel room, or any other public area.
This versatile exercise tool provides a full bodyweight workout with a wide range of exercise options – spine flexion and extension, joint mobility, strength training, core conditioning, stretching, handstands, cardio, TRX training and many more.


Adjustable wooden pull-up bar, gymnastic accessories
Thanks to the pull up bar’s removable construction, it can be positioned at different rungs and adjusted to the user height.
You can perform a wide range of core, back and shoulder conditioning exercises.
Also, it allows doing spine stretches, mobility and resistance training, when straps or resistance bands are attached to it.
Crafted from beech wood, the benchtop is placed on the pull-up bar and together they create a stylish and functional desk for a child or an adult. The desk is ideal for lovers of minimalism, as it allows to save a lot of space by combining training and working area.
The height of the desk can be regulated to the height of the user.

Steel profiles: 40 x 50 mm (1½″ x 2″) and are 2mm (¾”) thick, powder coated. Cuts and holes are made by laser cutter, which guarantees precision and ideal shape.
Wooden elements hand oiled with German organic linen-based oil, which is approved for contact with food.
In case of the installation of BenchK 7 Series to the wall made of concrete, solid bricks, solid silicate brick, please check the BenchK PS12 (min. wall thickness 12cm / 4.8in).

The set includes: wall bars (gymnastic lader with 9 oval beech wood rungs), an adjustable wooden pull-up bar, and the benchtop, assembly kit
Wall bar’s maximum user weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Wooden pull-up bar’s maximum user weight: 120 kg  (265 lbs)
Wall bar’s width: 67 cm (26 3⁄8″)
Pull-up bar’s width: 56 cm (22 ⅛ ″)
Weight: 32 kg (70,4 lbs)
Height: 240 cm (94 ½″)
Minimum installation height: 250 cm (98 ½″)
Material: steel, solid beech wood, beech plywood
Colour: black matt
Warranty for metal elements: 10 years
Warranty for other elements:2 years
Mount type: to wall
Does not include: wall mounting screws and plugs, as their type depend on the type of wall.
Complies with PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 norms for professional gymnastic equipment.
Made in Poland.

BenchK 7 Series wall bars assembly instructions

See / Download the manual

BenchK PB204 wooden pull up bar

See / Download the manual

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BenchK 712B Wall bars

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BenchK 712B Wall bars

BenchK wall bars with an adjustable solid beech wooden pull-up bar and benchtop



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