A wall bars made in Poland conforming to European safety standards PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2008 for gymnastic equipment.

BenchK multifunctional wall bars let you take care of your health and fitness at any time, without leaving the house.
Designed to last for decades and bring to your space not just exercise variety, but also timeless aesthetics. Perfect balance of comfort, functionality and looks.
BenchK wall bars fit perfectly into a modern home, but also comply with EU safety standards for professional gymnastic equipment. They are certified for usage in public institutions, including professional gyms, armed forces training centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, and many others. This space saving multipurpose piece of equipment isn’t hidden at the back of the room. It helps maintain a strong and flexible body, and most importantly – healthy spine, which is a cornerstone for longevity and high energy. For those who really think taking care of your health and wellness should be a priority.


Fixed steel 6-grip pull-up bar
This pull-up bar is permanently mounted to the top of the wall bars. It has 6 non-slip handles, which allows you to do a wide range of different types of pull-ups, as well as the core, back and shoulder conditioning exercises. Also, it serves great for doing spine stretches, mobility and resistance training, when straps or resistance bands are attached to it. There is a possibility of mounting the bar at 2 different heights.
The dip bar station armrests and back support are made of integral polyurethane foam. This guarantees their durability, ease of cleaning and modern look.
The dip bar can be adjusted to the user’s height or completely removed, if needed.

Steel profiles: 40 x 50 mm (1½″ x 2″) and are 2mm (¾”) thick, powder coated. Cuts and holes are made by laser cutter, which guarantees precision and ideal shape.
Wooden rungs hand oiled with German organic linen-based oil, which is approved for contact with food.
In case of the installation of BenchK 2 Series to the wall made of concrete, solid bricks, solid silicate brick, please check the BenchK PS8 (min. wall thickness 12cm / 4.8in).

NOTE:  if you are planning to use a pull-up bar, you will need to have at least 20-25 cm (7 7⁄8″ – 9 7⁄8″) between the ceiling and the top of the pull-up bar to make sure your head doesn’t hit the ceiling when doing pull-ups. Please take this into account before the installation. (BenchK offers wall bars of different heights so that you can choose what suits you best).

The set includes: wall bars (gymnastic lader with 8 oval beech wood rungs), an fixed steel 6-grip pull-up bar, a dip bar with back suport, assembly kit.
Maximum user weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Wall bar’s width: 67 cm (26⅛″)
Pull-up bar’s width: 116,5 cm (46″)
Weight: 36 kg (79,2 lbs)
Height: 230 cm (90 1⁄2″)
Minimum installation  height: 240 cm (94 ½″)
Material: steel, solid beech wood
Colour: white
Warranty for metal elements: 10 years
Warranty for other elements: 2 years
Mounting method: to the wall
Does not include: wall mounting screws and plugs, as their type depend on the type of wall.
Complies with PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 norms for professional gymnastic equipment.
Made in Poland.

BenchK 2 Series wall bars assembly instructions

See / Download the manual

BenchK PB2 metal pull up bar

See / Download the manual

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