Exclusively for use with BenchK 2,5, and 7 Series wall bars, these wall holders are highly recommended for ensuring the most stable, secure installation possible in case of the wooden studs wall construction. Each wall holder is made in Poland from laser-cut and formed steel brackets, and measures 66cm long x 10cm high x 10cm width and steel thickness of 4mm. Within the pair, one holder is used to mount the top of the BenchK wall bars and the other for the bottom.

The wall holders for the BenchK wall bars are designed with special pre-cut slots, allowing users to mount them to a standard wood stud wall (2 studs required for installation and 8 expansion plugs with screws that have to be purchased separately). Thanks to the with of the pre-cut slots, the holders can be adjusted to the distance between the wooden studs. Remember that the Fischer plugs and screws available at www.benchk.com are not suitable for wood installation.

For stud frame wall construction
The product can only be used and is compatible with black BenchK 2, 5, and 7 Series ladders

• Includes 2 wall holders and 8 sets (duopower dowel with screw and plastic cover)
• Dimensions: 66cm x 10cm x 10cm (25,9”x 3,9” x 3,9”)
• Weight: 4 kg (8,8 lbs)
• Material: steel
• Color: black matt
• Warranty for steel elements: 10 years
• Steel profiles: 40 x 50 mm/1½″ x 2″ and are 2cm/¾” thick, powder coated
• Cuts and holes are made by laser cutter, which guarantees precision and ideal shape
• Made in Poland


Black wall holders WHB+S8 for BenchK wall bars Series 2, 5 and 7

Only for wooden stud frame wall construction



Color: black

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