Why it is worth exercising?

January 31 2018

Physical activity should occupy a significant place in the each of us’ life. Because our body functions properly it needs a movement that benefits not only the body but also our psyche. On the other hand, insufficient amount of sport can be an important factor in deteriorating our health.

Exercise, to rest

Certainly for many people it will be surprising, but nothing better regenerates strength like successful training. Moderate movement among others. Cycling, walking or other cardio work like an energy injection. How is this possible? By doing any physical activity, we stimulate the circulation of blood and, therefore, our body cells get more oxygen, which in practice means that the brain and muscles work better and more effectively.

It gives you happiness

Scientists have proven many years ago that physical activity affects the sense of happiness. It’s all about endorphins and serotonin, which grow at the time of exercising. Endorphin causes the so-called “blissfulness”, which improves our mood and significantly reduces aches, but serotonin is a very important hormone discharged in the hypothalamus, which acts antidepressant and improves mood.

Relieves stress and tension

The pace of our lives is very fast. In our daily pursuit of work, duties, money, we are very tired, but first of all … stress. It can appear in many ways, among others. headaches, abdominal pain, irritation, etc. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the rhythm of today’s world, but we can learn how to relieve tension. As shown by numerous studies, an important and very effective tool in reducing stress is physical activity, which relaxes, improves mood and adds energy. Regular sports practice improves the immune system and also teaches us how to overcome the barriers of both physical and mental.

Antidote to everything

Physical activity affects many human systems and organs eg:
• improves blood supply to bones and ligaments,
• increases muscle mass,
• influences the improvement of decisive abilities in difficult situations,
• improves intestinal peristalsis,
• and much much more…

It is impossible to list all the benefits of sports. It is essential that you always adjust your exercise and intensity to your health and your own predisposition. Let’s practice in focus, and do the exercises carefully and without haste. This will allow us to enjoy health and happiness for many years to come.

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