The slave does not become an employee or an active break at work

September 8 2017

Active break at work

Most adult people spend a great part of their life at work, and very often it is done in a sitting position. In addition, it is not comforting that, according to research, Poles spend more time at the company desk than the average European. Although the Labor Code guarantees employees the right to break (article 134), we rarely rest actively during it, which is due to the lack of adequate relaxation zones in companies. It is worth mentioning on what diseases we are exposed to, sitting too long in one place. By staying in one position without moving for a long period of time, our body is unable to exploit the supplied calories and turns it into fat. Which, in turn, leads to cardiovascular disease, increases the likelihood of certain cancers, affects the joints and spine, and leads to many other unpleasant consequences.

The slave does not become an employee

In the West, especially in international companies and large corporations, the standard is the occurrence of the space for relaxation, games and even to sleep. For example, Google company has installed slides, mini climbing walls and hammocks in one of its offices. One of the Israeli moderators of the coworking space, having its office in Warsaw, has created rooms that are adapted to the moods and needs of people working there. In addition, we will find meditation and short nap’s rooms, but also stationary bicycles and gym ladders that allow you to stretch your muscles and bones after hours of stuttering in front of the computer screen. More and more companies also in Poland are aware of the truth that “there is no employee from the slave “. The conscious employers, hiring only a small number of people, know that only 5 minutes of training at the workplace refreshes the mind, restores concentration and stimulates the creativity of the employees. Companies offering this kind of solution do not lose, but on the contrary gain a mentally and physically recruited employee.

Choose the gymnastic ladder

However, as it is known in small family businesses or medium-sized companies every penny counts, therefore, it is rare that entrepreneur can afford to create zones for active relaxation with rich equipment. The solution can be a gym ladder, which is a device with many functions. BenchK metal ladders are a multitude of possibilities in one device. Installation of this type of equipment will allow to relieve and stretch back aches by making several slides and pulls. We can also do leg lifting exercises by stretching the legs, thereby stretching and improving blood circulation. Placing the stick and the bench on the gym ladder will expand the spectrum of training opportunities. It is worth mentioning that the gym ladder, eg Winner-Black, is able to withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms! This allows them to practice both men and women.

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