The history of Gymnastics Ladder (Swedish Ladder)

February 2 2017

Gymnastics Wall Bars also known as gymnastics ladder or stall bars – probably it is the most versatile set of sports in the world – actually they were invented in Sweden.

In Sweden, it is called as en ribbstol that is literally means the frame with the crossbars. This invention became the basis for a system of gymnastics, developed by Pen Henrik Ling (1776-1839). Poet, playwright and the teacher of fencing, Ling wanted to create such a system of physical training, which could bring positive contribution to the education of a harmonious personality.

Being an ardent patriot, Ling hoped that this system of gymnastics would help the Swedish people to regain the strength and the will of their ancestors, to restore the country’s former military glory. In 1813 Ling founded the Central Institute of Gymnastics in Stockholm and the first University in Sweden, which was specialized in the training of teachers of physical education and preparing people for army. After the death of Henry Pens, the father’s work was continued by his son Hjalmar, thanks to whom the Swedish gymnastics and its famous attributes such as the gymnastics ladder, Balance Beam and the bench were spread around the world.

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