wall bars
By Zespół BenchK

BenchK gymnastic ladders – multifunctional sport equipment in a scandinavian style

We have already written a lot about the advantages and benefits of having gymnastic ladders at home. It is clear that when deciding to purchase any sports equipment, we are primarily driven by health consideration and the will to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The disadvantage of this type of equipment can be their more or […]

Stretching with ladders
By Zespół BenchK

Stretch or not stretch? – that is the question.

Of course, to stretch out. Practically everyone should be doing some stretching, so the question should be: why should you stretch? Stretching, whether after workout or after a day spent behind the desk, strengthens and flexes ligaments, tendons and muscles. Regular stretching exercise makes the body more flexible and reduces the risk of injury.  Strength […]