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Multifunctional wall bar Fusion Plus

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It is simply ideal for the child’s room. It’s advantage is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space but it definitely will be the perfect incentive for different kinds of physical activity. For it’s production there have been used wood and metal. This combination is not only very multifunctional but also interesting from the designer`s point of view. The contrast between black metal profiles and natural wood rungs can be the great addition to the interior of the room.

Creating this project we’ve taken into consideration that it should suit present trends in interior design. However, the biggest advantage of Fusion is that both adults and children can exercise on it. There are also available additional accessories designed with a thought about the youngest users.


See 3D models of gymnastic ladder Fusion Plus dla dzieci


– drabinka gimnastyczna (8 szczebelków drewnianych oraz 2 metalowe pionowe profile metalowe 40 mm x 40mm);

– poręcze do ćwiczeń;
– zdejmowany górny drążek do podciągania;

* Akcesoria dziecięce na życzenie: drabinka linowa, kółka gimnastyczne, lina).

Maksymalna waga użytkownika 100 kg
Szerokość 0,60 m
Wysokość 2,15 m
Wysokość pomieszczenia do instalacji od 2,30 m
Sposób mocowania do ściany
Waga 35 kg
Kolor Słupki metalowe w kolorze czarny mat ze szczebelkami i osprzętem z drewna.
Materiał metal, drewno
Gwarancja dożywotna (na elementy metalowe)
Dostępnoćś od ręki


Consist of:
gymnastic wall bar ( 8 wooden rungs, 2 metal profiles 40mm x 40mm);

removable pull-up bar;

dip bar



Extra accessories for children available (rope ladder, gymnastics rings, gymnastic rope).

Max User Weight 100 kg
Width 0,60 m
Height 2,15 m
The height of the place of installation from 2,30 m
Way of Mount to wall
Product Weight 35 kg
Color black ladder with wooden rungs
Material metal, wood
Warranty  lifetime (metal elements)
Availability in stock

Technical Drawing

drabinka gimnastyczna Fusion

Rysunek Techniczny

drabinka gimnastyczna Fusion




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