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Gymnastic wall bar for kids Kiddy-Wood 240×80 cm

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The basic role of Gymnastic Wall bar Kiddy Wood is to inspire the child to undertake various physical activities.


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Gymnastics and exercising are the basis for the harmonious development of children. Kiddy Wood Gymnastic Wall Bar was designed specifically for the youngest sports enthusiasts. The basic material used in its production is solid, natural wood, which undergoes thorough processing and grinding.

Thanks to extra accessories for children (gymnastic rings, rope ladder, gymnastic rope), Kiddy Wood Gymnastic Wall Bar allows to carry out training for children in the form of fun, games and sports competitions. It would also be the great gift for our kids (kindergarteners, first graders starting school and older children). A long time spent at the desk and computer can be varied with exercises on Kiddy Wood Gymnastic Wall Bar.

Kiddy Wood Gymnastic Wall Bar is made of safe and ecological materials. Max user weight is 80 kg. The wall bar has 11 rungs which makes it not to take up much space, it can easily fit into any, even small children’s room. To mount it, it is enough to devote only 0.5 m2 of space and a few moments of free time. The Kiddy Wood wall bar meets all safety standards.

The set includes a wall bar, top mounted pull up bar and accessories for children. The Kiddy Wood ladder is an excellent tool supporting the child’s motor development, which is also very important for proper mental development. It is not only an sport device that encourages everyday activities but also a great toy. Kiddy Wood wall bar can successfully replace a climbing wall or a swing. Kids can have a great fun even when it’s impossible to go to the playground or the weather conditions are unfavorable.

assembly instruction


See 3D model wall bars for kids Kiddy Wood


– drabinka gimnastyczna (11 szczebelków drewnianych);
– górny, drewniany drążek do podciągania (zamontowany na stałe);
– zestaw do montażu (oprócz śrub do przykręcenia do ściany);
– akcesoria dziecięce: drabinka linowa, kółka gimnastyczne.

Maksymalna waga użytkownika 80 kg
Szerokość 0,8 m
Wysokość 2,40 m
Wysokość pomieszczenia do instalacji od 2,30 m
Sposób mocowania do ściany
Waga 20 kg
Kolor drewno
Materiał drewno
Gwarancja 2 lata
Dostępność od ręki


Rysunek techniczny

drabinka gimnastyczna kiddy wood


Consist of:
– gymnastic wall bar ( 11 wooden rungs);
– pull-up bar mounted on the top;
– mounting hardware included (except for wall mount bolts).
– accessories for children (rope ladder, gymnastic rings, gymnastic rope).

Max User Weight 80 kg
Width 0,8 m
Height 2,40 m
The amount of space for installation from 2,30 m
Way of Mount to wall
Product Weight 20 kg
Color natural wood
Material wood
Warranty 2 years
Availability in stock


Technical drawing

drabinka gimnastyczna kiddy wood




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