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Olympic Freestanding wall bar

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Olympic gymnastic wall bar is perfect equipment for fitness, correction and rehabilitation exercises. Olympic gymnastic wall bar suits well for a variety of exercises that are a combination of physical activity and entertainment. Olympic gymnastic wall bar is made of impeccable metal quality. The gymnastic wall bar can withstand up to 120 kilograms. Workout with use of this stall bar helps to improve overall physical fitness and physical coordination. The freestanding wall bar is very functional. It does not require attaching to wall or to a ceiling. It does not occupy much space at home and it is easy to move.


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The advantage of the “Olympic”  gymnastic wall bar is its free-standing construction. The metal-made rungs are not only durable but also very aesthetic. Olympic gymnastic wall bar includes bench, Pull-up bar, and Dip-bar convertible into J-cups for barbell (max weight of barbell is 90kg).

“Olympic” wall bar is intended for home exercise and physical rehabilitation.  It is made of high-quality metal.

Workout with Olympic wall bar helps to strengthen muscle and develop coordination.


40x50mm monolith vertical metal profile without welds or screws which increases the safety and durability of the gymnastic wall bar.
Rungs: 8 metal rungs with plastic cover.
Wall bar set includes bench, Pull-up bar, and Dip-bar convertible into J-cups for barbell (max weight of barbell is 90kg).
The possibility of mounting: Free-standing.
Free delivery in Poland.
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assembly instruction


1.drabinka gimnastyczna (8 szczebelek metalowych z powloką plastikową, 2szt. profil pionowy metalowy 40x50mm);
2. zdejmowany drążek do podciągania ;
3.poręcze do ćwiczeń z podłokietnikami, podkładem pod plecy z pianki PU i z uchwytami pod sztangę (maksymalna waga sztangi 90 kg);

Maksymalna waga użytkownika 150 kg
Szerokość 0,66 m
Wysokość 2,30 m
Wysokość pomieszczenia do instalacji od 2,40 m
Sposób mocowania wolnostojąca
Waga 55 kg
Kolor czarny mat z szarymi szczebelkami
Materiał metal
Gwarancja dożywotna
Dostępność od ręki

Rysunek techniczny


Consists of:
1.gymnastic wall bar (8 metal rungs with plastic cover, 2 metal vertical profiles 40x50mm);
2.removable pull-up bar;
3.dip bar convertible into J-cups for barbell (max weight of barbell: 90 kg) with armrests & the lower back support made of the PU;

Max User Weight 150 kg
Width 0,66 m
Height 2,30 m
The amount of space for installation from 2,40 m
Way of Mount freestanding
Product Weight 55 kg
Color black matte ladder with gray rungs
Material metal
Warranty lifetime
Availability in stock

Technical drawing




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