Pull-Up Bar D9 - Metalowe i drewniane drabinki do ćwiczeń
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Pull-Up Bar D9

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Innovative pull up bar D9 by Benchk for overall for versatile functional training. Characterized by the highest quality of production and extremely durable materials, esthetic and compact construction. Pull up bar D9 is designed to counteract afflictions caused by sedentary lifestyle. In turn, pull ups positevely affect muscular and overall efficiency.

Parametry Techniczne

Długość drążka 115 cm
Maksymalne obciążenie do 200 kg

Rysunek Techniczny

drazek D9


The maximum weight of the exerciser 120 kg
Width 0,66 m
Mounting to a wall
Height 2,30 m
Distance rod to pull the ladder gym 0,40 m
Distance railing exercise of the ladder gym 0,60 m
Distance from the bench ladder gym 1,2 m
Footprint 0,5 m
The amount of space for installation (wall mounting) from 2,40 m
The amount of space for installation (installation of floor-ceiling) from 2,45 -2,85 m
Package weight (not more) 45 kg
Room height from 2,3 m
Available colors yellow with colored crossbars
Materials metal
Metal pillars (square tube profile) 2 art
Wooden bar
Metal pillars (square tube profile) 7 art
Metal bar
Holder Crossbar 2 art
Crossbar L550
Stick to pull (included) 1 art
Screw M8 nut for attaching the stick to pull 2 art
Handrails for exercises with armrests 1 art
The bar of the primer to the back (or primer to the back)
Screw M8 nut for attaching the crossbar with backing
Exercise bench
Removable seat to bench
Holder for fixing the ladder to the wall 4 art
Bolt М10 4 art
Plastic screw caps +
Plastic plugs for screw М10 +
Rope ladder 1 art
Gymnastic rings 2 art
Rope 1 art
Bolt M10 with nut 4 art
Stadiometer 1 art
The upper rod extends 2 art
Bottom expansion pin and nut 2 art
Handrails (with the possibility for the use of barbells)

Technical Drawing

drazek D9




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