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Black Dip Bar and Pull-Up Bar 2in1 D8

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Pull up and dip bar 2in1 D8

Technical information of the pull up bar D8:
length of the pull up bar                 115 cm
distance from the wall                       79 cm
maximum weight capacity               150 kg


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It’s 2 in 1 BenchK multifunctional Pull up bar D8. You can do pullups , dips , chinups etc. Doesn’t take a lot of space but provides you with wide range of exercises. It’s distinctive feature is the option to transform the pull up bar with 6 grips into dip bar. Actually D8 pull-up bar has 2 positions. With more than 60 exercises you can strengthen you biceps, triceps and many other muscles of the whole body. The material used for producing is heavy-duty steel with powder coating. We also use PU for armrests and backrests – standart for professional sport equipment.

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3D Model pull up bar D8

n this video you will see the multifunctionality of the Pull Up bar D8 shown by the fitness instructor of Academy of Movement in the city Płock. Two positions of the pull up bar allow to do exercises for the whole body including the muscles of arms, legs and back. Shift the position of the pull up bar in 5 seconds and you will transform you pull up bar into dip bar. Thus, you get  the full body trainer for the price that speaks for itself. Portable and affordable.


długość drążka 115 cm
odległość od ściany 70 cm
maksymalne obciążenie 150 kg

Rysunek techniczny

drazek D8


length of the pull up bar 115 cm
distance from the wall 70 cm
maximum weight capacity up 150 kg

Technical drawing

drazek D8




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