Signs that you are suffering from overtraining

February 15 2018

Just like with everything, it is the same with a gym and training, you can not exaggerate. Too frequent and inappropriate physical activity can lead to overtraining.
It is true that it is good practice to exercise regularly, but do not forget about rest and regeneration. Improper workouts, instead of helping, can only harm our body, but also the mind.

What is the overtraining?

Overtraining can be defined as chronic fatigue. This is a state of intensive exploitation of the body, which usually occurs when our body is subjected to intensive training without providing optimal time for regeneration.

The term “overtraining” is sometimes incorrectly used, and is mistaken for ordinary fatigue. It is worth mentioning that the feeling of fatigue after a training session is natural and correct. On the other hand, overtraining is a much more complex process, which is caused only after a long time. The most common cause of overtraining is the inadequate adjustment of training to your own predisposition. And besides physical symptoms, the athlete also experiences a decrease in mental form.


We can distinguish two types of symptoms: physical and mental.

The most common physical signs of overtraining include:
• reduced exercise capacity,
• exhaustion,
• tremor,
• higher temperature,
• pain in the heart,
• reduced resistance,
• elevated heart rate.

The symptoms include:
• feeling anxious,
• drop of libido,
• lack of motivation,
• irritability,
• problems with concentration.


When returning to the form, careful regeneration of the body and mind is required. Depending on the level of overtraining it may take from several weeks to several months. As the experts advise, it should not be shorter than 2 weeks. During rest, you should limit your physical activity and put on stretching and relaxing exercises. Regeneration will foster a longer sleep, massages, and a change of environment.

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