Report on Europe ISPO Tradeshows – BenchK ISPO Munich 2018

May 18 2018

In 2018 BenchK has taken part in the largest sport exhibition in Europe – ISPO. The company was the only representative of multifunctional wall bars at the whole ISPO. Nobody had anything similar. BenchK has presented models for family, kids, adults and professional athletes . Because of the wide range of multifunctional wall bars BenchK also use wide range of materials like wood, metal, PU.

It is also worth mentioning that wall bars by BenchK are certified and meet all EU norms. The booth of BenchK was the subject of interest of customers both in B2B and B2C spheres.
There were wall bars which were developed for entering specific markets. For example, to enter Scandinavia BenchK engineers have developed such models like KRAFT and Fusion. On the basis of the research that has shown that people in Scandinavia like value wood, there have been made a decision to combine metal construction with oval wooden rungs. The same was done for each country in Europe. BenchK has researched the market and the need of most countries in Europe.
Nowadays multifunctionality is what attracts attention of our customers and clients. People are seeking for solutions which solve not only one their problem but many others as well. That`s why one can compare BenchK to Victorinox but in the category of fitness equipment.

Affordable price of multifunctional wall bars by BenchK is also the factor attracting the glance of people. We did our best to provide our customers with the best quality by certifying our wall bars and constantly monitoring the quality of each detail even the smallest one. But at the same time, BenchK succeeded in making the wall bars affordable for everyone. BenchK`s main distinctive feature is multifunctionality. Wall bars by BenchK are portable and affordable..


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