Positive effect of sleep on physical activity

February 21 2018

Sleep is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of our lives. A healthy and peaceful sleep improves our well-being and vitality. Passwords like “sleeping is a waste of time” or “we will sleep in the old age” have nothing to do with truth and the best is to cross it out from your dictionary.

As research shows, during the night’s rest there are important physiological and psychological processes in our body. Only healthy sleep allows us to rest and recover from the day. It is an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of the whole organism!

Dream – an important part of training

People who train intensively and athletes can not underestimate sleep. If you feel, that despite the proper nutrition and hard workouts, you still do not achieve satisfactory results, perhaps the reason is insufficient night rest.

Exercise is a valuable effort, but it is still an effort for your body. In addition, as an athlete, you can feel the stress associated with the competition. Nerve tension negatively affects the work of our body. Therefore, due to the large amount of emotional and physical stress, the body needs sleep to be able to relax and “turn off”. It is important to know that in the sleep phase called “deep sleep”, there is deep relaxation of the body and brain. The rate of metabolism is greatly reduced, blood pressure is dropping, and breathing and heart rate are released.

However, there are processes that are faster in this phase e.g. levels of certain hormones increase and heals wound faster. This is the right moment of sleep where growth hormone is produced, which is responsible for capturing amino acids, synthesizing proteins in cells, but also contributes to muscle mass, strength and bone strength.

How long?

The appropriate amount of sleep depends on many factors, including seasons, emotions, diets, physical activity. Each of us is different and needs to determine what amount of sleep allows you to regenerate your strength. Do not forget that as the intensity of training increases, the need for sleep increases, too. That’s why so many athletes do not regret their time for a long and healthy dream.

Lack of sleep effects

Sleep is an important part of taking care of form. As the research suggests, after one unsettled night we have slower reflexes and concentration problems. Accumulation of fatigue increases nervousness and weakens our immunity. In addition, motivation decreases and we get tired faster. Do not underestimate the sleep and the signals that your body sends you. Studies show that there is a link between sleep and good results in sport. So time for a healthy and peaceful sleep should be in the each of us training plan. Let’s sleep healthy!

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