Multifunctional wall bar Winner-Black is the perfect equipment for Crossfit exercises at home

April 12 2018

Crossfit is the ideal alternative to monotonous gym exercises gym. Its main advantage is that you see the effects fast and it`s not boring. If we really engage we can improve the appearance of our silhouette and especially abdomen, shoulders, thighs and posture. Everybody can do crossfit exercises and what is also worth mentioning – you can do it at your home.

General rules of Crossfit

As we have already mentioned, everybody can do CrossFit exercises independently from whether he is a professional or just starting the adventure to sport. However, the main condition of save trainings is to select the exercises appropriatly to the current form of a person and then increase the intensity and complexity step by step. One should add that taking into consideration it`s perfect effects on overall physical development, Crossfit is popular among professionals athletes. This is because Crossfit allows training with high physical efficiency in 10 areas: cardiopulmonary function, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.

The greatest impact on the effectiveness of the training has the intensity and consistency. One has to train minimum 30 minutes each day for 3 days. After such series, you should take a day off and then continue the cycle. To the planned time of training, one should add around 15 minutes for warm-up and around 10 minutes for stretching exercises after all.

Main advantages of CrossFit

It helps to reduce unnecessary kilograms

Crossfit is the perfect form of cardio training during which the heart rate reaches 60-70% of its max level. If we supply our organism with the right amount of oxygen our fat will be transformed into energy. Apart from that, such kind of training makes a good impact on the regulation of hormones. Thanks to that we can avoid we weight gain. Hereafter CrossFit is not only a good option for reducing the weight but also for it`s regulating and keeping.

Helps in shaping the silhouette

Planing the training we can choose such combination of exercises which will allow us to work on our week points, modeling and strengthening chosen group of muscles without overstraining.

Betters overall physical condition

Therefore it is cardio training, it`s regular usage increases capacity of lungs, contractility and blood supply of the heart that betters general efficiency of the organism. Apart from that, it positively affects muscles and joints.

Decreases stress level

Crossfit is the perfect solution for people which are stressed and tired. During exercising our organism secrets endorphins which improve our well-being. Thus, intensive training supplies us with energy during the day and improves our quality of a dream.

Crossfit at home

To start doing CrossFit exercises, we don`t have to go to the gym because we can successfully do that kind of training at our own home. Not only you save your money because you don`t have to buy expensive tickets and pay the personal trainer but you are also flexible in your time schedule. Sometimes it`s hard to find an hour or two for going to the gym at an estimated time. At our home, we can exercise whenever we want and can. Creating the exercising corner you should think about maximal functionality and minimal occupied space. All these requirements are met by wall bar Winner-Black which doesn`t occupy a lot of space and won`t interfere the interior of our home but will allow doing various types of exercises. To cut a long story short – this is the gym which needs only one square meter of our home.

Crossfit with multifunctional wall bar Winner-Black

Multifunctional wall bar Winner-Black is simply the ideal product for home CrossFit. It can successfully replace the whole gym. Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with additional accessories, one can easily do differential CrossFit trainings. Apart from typical exercises for gymnastic wall bar, using this model we can do exercises with barbell and dumbells. There is also an adjustable bench which you can fix within several seconds and unfix  when you don`t need it anymore. You can set it at the angle for doing crunches  because it has special grips for legs. Fixing it conversely we can do exercises with barbell. Apart from comfortable bench, wall bar Winner-Black also has special hooks for barbell. You can also fix additional seat, thanks to which exercises with barbell and dumbbels will be more comfortable. Exercises with barbell and dumbbels can be also done lying.

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