Ladders gymnastic Winner Black and Energy – Basic differences

March 24 2017

There are more and more questions that we receive about the similarities and differences between such metal gymnastics Wall Bars as Winner Black and Energy. That’s why we decided to write this article.

At first view it is really hard to find some differences, however there are a lot of them. Both of these Wall Bars we can classify as gymnastics Wall Bars for adults and for professional athletes. Such Wall Bar as Energy is the best sports equipment for everyday home use for those men and women who like the healthy way of living and also would like to have their own home mini-gym. Thanks to the fact that Energy has 2 metal side studs that are made of square profiled tube 40×40 mm, the maximum user weight of it is 120 kg. This Wall Bar consists of 7 metal bars that are covered with plastic and the Pull-up bar that is mounted tightly to the ladder. The set of the Wall Bar Energy is completed with the bench for presses that is also good for exercises with a barbell. The maximum weight of the barbell should be no more than 90 kg. Due to the easy process of the mounting of this Wall Bar to the wall or to the ceiling and to the floor (it is possible to adjust the height of the Wall Bar to the height of the ceiling through 2 top’s pull-out rods), that helps better to match the size of the ladder to the dimensions of the interior of the apartments or of the private houses.

Because of the robust design of such gymnastics Wall Bar as Winner Black it is perfect for people whose weight is more than 120 kg or for professional athletes. The robustness provides by 2 metal side studs (square profiled tube 50×50 mm). The maximum user weight of this Wall Bar is 150 kg. The gymnastics Wall Bar Winner Black withstands a bigger load and is mounted only to the wall, and so there is no any possibility of the regulation of the height of its side studs. The height of its side studs is of about 2,4 m. Winner Black is consists of 9 metal bars that are covered with plastic; because of the fact that in this set the Pull-up bar doesn’t need to be mounted tightly to the ladder you can easily put it on any metal bar of this ladder and also at any height that you need. Another advantage of this Pull-up bar is that it has the additional grips for wide, narrow and neutral grip variations that allow you to exercise different muscle groups in your shoulders, arms and back. Another innovation of the metal gymnastics Wall Bar Winner Black is its bench for the bench presses, which contains the additional footrests and the seat for exercises with the barbell. The maximum weight of the barbell should be no more than 90 kg. Only this set of the gymnastics Wall Bar includes such bench that you have a possibility to do additional exercises on the incline bench. Metal gymnastics ladder Winner Black is suitable as for home use and also for gyms and schools. With all its additional equipment (such as the handrails, Pull-up bar and the bench) Winner Black is the perfect multifunctional equipment for gyms. Also as it is easy to remove any additional equipment it can be used as an ordinary Wall Bar (gymnastics ladder) that is more frequently used in schools.

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