BenchK multifunctional wall bars 3D models

In December 2018, owing to the fruitful cooperation with Urban Project company, we created a database of interactive 3D models of BenchK gymnastic ladders. These models clearly show the design of multifunctional gymnastic wall bars and pull up bars from BenchK. They migh be used in the design of interiors – apartments, office spaces, gyms […]

Buying our equipment you help as well

The mission of our company is to promote balanced development of kids – both physical and intellectual. The number of Polish homes with wall bars produced by BenchK is constantly increasing. From the feedback of our clients, we know that all children which tried to exercise and simply have fun with the help of our […]

Signs that you are suffering from overtraining

Signs that you are suffering from overtraining Just like with everything, it is the same with a gym and training, you can not exaggerate. Too frequent and inappropriate physical activity can lead to overtraining. It is true that it is good practice to exercise regularly, but do not forget about rest and regeneration. Improper workouts, […]

Why it is worth exercising?

Why it is worth exercising? Physical activity should occupy a significant place in the each of us’ life. Because our body functions properly it needs a movement that benefits not only the body but also our psyche. On the other hand, insufficient amount of sport can be an important factor in deteriorating our health. Exercise, […]

How to lose weight in healthy way

How to lose weight in healthy way Although the bikini season is behind us and that means the gyms and sports clubs do not burst at the seams – as in the case before the summer season – but it is still worth taking care of a healthy slender figure and lose unwanted kilograms even […]