How to lose weight in healthy way

December 5 2017

Although the bikini season is behind us and that means the gyms and sports clubs do not burst at the seams – as in the case before the summer season – but it is still worth taking care of a healthy slender figure and lose unwanted kilograms even in Autumn and Winter. How to do it? Contrary to appearances it is not that difficult, Just make some minor changes to your daily plan so you can keep the desired figure or lose unnecessary kilograms.

Make friends with the pan and pots

Bet on the dishes that you prepare yourself. Why is it so important? The answer on how to throw unnecessary kilograms off is trivial: you know what you eat. It sounds like an advertising slogan, but it’s true. When cooking at home, you know that in your dish there are no ingredients which are unhealthy and by the way “help you” to gain weight. Moreover, you can learn some new recipes and save money because cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out.

There are no effects without movement

Put aside slimming supplements advertised on TV, because maintaining the right weight can only be done with the help of healthy diet and sports. We have repeatedly stated that physical activity does not mean penal training, but on the contrary, it should be associated with relaxation and having time for yourself. Treat yourself 3 times a week with the 30 minutes of active walking, running or cycling. If the aura outside the window does not motivate you to go outside, do a workout at home. The BenchK metal ladder is the perfect home gym. With the use of them we can perform with all the strength training, gymnastics and fitness. Their solid build allows you to keep weight up to 150 kg! This allows you to train different muscle groups.

Haste makes waste

So haste in this case is not a good adviser. If you have had tea with 5 teaspoons of sugar so far, or you have been eating cookies at work, do not try to eliminate it in one go. Too severe and drastic changes can only discourage you. Do not be a perfectionist! Try from small changes, e.g. add three, not five teaspoons of sugar, on the way home get off at an earlier stop. Park your car further away from your office. These are not revolutionary changes, but only a few healthy habits that will make you feel better in your own skin.

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