Gymnastic wall bar for children Kiddy and Junior differences

April 13 2017

Gymnastic wall bars Junior and Kiddy are considered to be the wall bars for children. The minimal admissible age of the kid is 2 years while the maximal is 10. Taking this fact into consideration we took care about the safety of those wall bars…

Gymnastic wall bar Kiddy has 2 one-piece profiles, 2 pull up bars which don`t stick out the contour of the wall bar), 8 wooden rungs as well as accessories for children (gymnastic ring, gymnastic rope and gymnastic ladder). The maximal weight of the exercising person is 80 kg. You can mount Kiddy only to the wall. The advantage of this wall bar is that it doesn`t occupy a lot of space in the room if the child.

Gymnastic wall bar Junior is designed for both children and adults because it contains 2 square metal profiles ( the same as wall bars Champion and Energy have), pull up bar which is fixed rigidly to the wall bar, accessories for children (gymnastic rings, gymnastic ladder and gymnastic rope). In this wall bar there aren`t wooden parts that give the possibility to do exercises with the weight up to 120 kg. This wall bar has 2 options for mounting: to the wall or floor-ceiling.

Multifunctional wall bar Champion is universal gymnastic wall bar for the whole family. The wall bar has 2 square metal profiles 40×40, 7 metal rungs with plastic covers, dip bars with armrests, adjustable bench and accessory for kids(gymnastic rings, gymnastic rope and gymnastic ladder).

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