Gymnastic ladders – History and contemporary

drabinki gimnastyczne

Gymnastic wall bar – probably the most universal sport set in the world has been invented in Sweden where it is called “ribbstol”. It literally means ” a frame with crosspieces”.

This invention became the basis for a gymnastic system developed by Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839). The poet, playwright and fencing teacher, Ling wished to create a physical preparation system that would contribute to the upbringing of a harmonious personality.

As a staunch patriot, Ling hoped that his system would help Swedes regain strength and the will of their ancestors to restore the country’s former military glory. In 1813, with the permission of swedish king Charles XIII, Ling founded the Central Gymnastics Institute in Stockholm, the first university in Sweden which specialized in educating Physical Education teachers for the army and schools.

Ling was a versatile, lively, sensitive and original person with extraordinary pedagogical skills. Therefore, much attention was devoted to his work. However, he was also called eccentric and stubborn. Ling was characterized by high productivity at work, unfortunately it deteriorated gradually in the last two decades of his life. Of course, the reason for this was his chronic pain in the joints, which hindered his physical activity. There are scarcely a few of his reports on gymnastics. There are  not too many reports to be found. He was appointed a professor in 1825. In 1831 he became a lecturer of the Swedish Medical Society, and in 1835 he became a member of Swedish Academy. The gymnastics was divided into four cathegories: pedagogical, military, medical and aesthetic. All movements should be performed properly under the direction of the leader. Freestanding exercises in the group were introduced, which were beneficial both in terms of pedagogy and practicality in relation to previous dominant training. Medical gymnastics played an important, then even dominant role in Ling’s daily work. After Ling’s death, the medical gymnastics was modernised.

In 1892 the Swiss doctor Dr. Alcide Jentzer visited the Central Gymnastics Institute of Pehr Henrik Ling for the first time. Later in 1985 he renewed his visit. He organised courses to train teachers by the method of Pehr Henrik Ling. The very first course began in 1893 and was attended by 26 teachers. In additiom, in 1895 in Geneva based on the Jentzer concept a gym was created, and gymnastic ladders were installed in Lausanne. Dr Jentzer emphasized the importance of the Ling system to improve the physical education system in Switzerland.

After Pehr’s death in 1838 his son Hjalmar continued his father’s work, thanks to who Swedish gymnastics and its famous attributes: gymnastics ladder, balance and bench became popular all over the world, including Russia and Ukraine.

East of the Polish border, gymnastic ladders to this day are one of the elements of children’s room equipment. They constitute an integral part not only with home, but also with the daily routine of its inhabitants. Children from an early age learn that physical fitness is important in life. Having a ladder around does not make children athletic, but giving your children a ladder is just one step towards their better future. Another next step is an example given by the parents and showing that exercises can be easily interwoven  in the daily routine. Children are in the end a reflection of their parents and are eager to imitate them. So why not encourage them to do sports and take care of their own physical health? Spending time together also nurtures family ties. In the modern world, when people are running for a career and they do not have time to celebrate family life, it’s hard to find a balance between family, work and sporting activity. A sport’s wall bar placed in the middle of the family circle can be the answer for the dilemma of finding time.

At present we would like to achieve a similar effect in Poland and make a gymnastic ladder an indispensable helper in the world of sport and health in each house and apartment. Our goal is to make its price affordable for every family.

The advantages of a gymnastic ladder

The metal gym ladder is considered to be the most functional exercising equipment and is therefore often used as a base for home mini-gyms. Physiologists are convinced that a gymnastic ladder should accompany a man for a lifetime. Moreover excersises using this equipment during the first three years of the child’s life might not only strengthen the body and immunity but also contribute to a rapid intellectual development.

Metal ladder for children could help to instill the love for sport from an early childhood. Everyday gymnastics using the ladder will allow your child to grow physically strong and healthy. Exercises will strengthen immunity , so seasonal illnesses will pose no threat to your baby.

The permanent streching of the spine on the rings or sticks has an important role in shaping the correct posture. The more the child will train with the ladder, the stronger his or her muscles and physical preparation will be.

A metal gym ladder replaces a large amount of gym and fitness equipment.

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A set of exercises for a metal gym ladder.

For children under 2 years old, a simple set of exercises should be chosen. Children’s gymnastic ladder will be a big helpe in learning to walk and might be used as well as a mean of strengthening the muscles and spine.

At the first stage, parents should help the child exercising. Overhanging on the rod helps strengthening the muscles of the shoulder joint. To perform the exercise, the child should face the wall, catch the crossbar slightly above his height, then bend his knees and hang. Parents should control this process to protect the child from possible injuries.

Another type of exercise is squatting: standing on the lower beam, the child should grap the bar at the chest height. Then sit up. It  not only develops the muscles, but also has a positive effect on the atrial system.

Older children can use the gym ladder for exercising abdominal muscles or stretching. They may also use it as a pulling rod.

Installation in an apartment

The assembly of a metal gym is not difficult.Its dimensions are compact – it does not take up much space in the apartment and is very comfortable.

One of the most important advantages and benefits of a metal gym ladder is its design. The metal gym ladder is installed directly to a stable vertical plane. The wall in an apartment is usually used as such surface. Because ladders and adult models have a sturdy construction made of high quality metal or wood, the load can reach up to 150 kg. As a result, home exercises can be performed not only by children and adolescents, but also their parents.

Comfortable and compact design of the sports set, durable fitting with metal brackets, metal or wooden crosspieces – all these characteristics of the metal gym ladders are offered by our online store. Thanks to its quality parts, the fitting is robust and durable. The metal ladders offered by our shop guarantee minimal risk of injury.

drabinki gimnastyczne

Disadvantages of a metal gym ladder

Do metal gyms have flaws? Perhaps the drawback is that it is a static sports equipment. Moving it on request is practically impossible. The installation requires a special assembly, however, if you set the ladder correctly and accordingly to the interior of the apartment, it can become his ornament.

Another disadvantage is that you need to practice on it on a regular basis. Forcing yourself to exercise is a difficult task, especially for adults. However, such a disadvantage can be attributed to any sport equipment, justifying people’s laziness and lack of commitment. All these disadvantages can easily be turned into advantages, while maintaining the ability to maintain and strengthen the most important thing in life – the health of Your family.