Four reasons why it is worth to cut sugar

January 12 2018

Sugar = empty calories

How many times do we feel hungry, and we redeem with a bar or other sweetness to reduce hunger? This bad habit makes us introduce only empty calories without any nutritional value. For example, one of the more energy-boosting bars contains 24 grams of sugar (5 teaspoons)! Can you imagine eating so much sweet powder at one time? If you are struggling with excess kilograms, be sure to give up the white sugar. It is primarily responsible for quick weight gain. If we are hungry, it is definitely better to eat a nutritious meal that will provide us with vitamins and minerals, rather than a “small” sweet snack that can lead to overweight and obesity.

For good skin

Diet rich in simple sugars (glucose and fructose) promotes deterioration of skin condition. Sweet poison – as the sugar is called- affects our weight as often as it affects the face. On the Internet there are a lot of stories of people who, after abandoning the sugar, have noticed that their complexion has become brighter, healthier and without shadows under the eyes. Moreover, sugar conducess the formation of acne. How does it happen? Too much dose of sugar leads to hormonal disturbances in our body. And these fluctuations are the main cause of acne.

Sugar is addictive

Sweet powder can be addictive, just like alcohol and drugs. It’s not a myth! In case of many people, sudden sugar drop in blood causes irritability, depression, and even headaches. The biggest problem is that addicts are often not aware of this.

Typical behavior for addicts is:
• frequent snacking and hiding from close ones,
• difficulty in focusing and concentrating,
• feeling permanent hunger,
• hyperactivity.

With care about children

For every child a parent is a role model. Toddler copy the behavior, but also the eating habits of its parents. If the parent’s menu sugar and sweet snacks are in the main place, it will certainly be the same in the case of a child. There are many consequences of excessive consumption of sugar by the youngest. Beginning from tooth decay, hyperactivity and obesity, ending with cardiovascular disease or degenerative joint disease. Remember that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach the toddlers healthy eating habits!

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