Exercises for children on the Metal Gymnastics Wall Bars

May 29 2017

The best age for a child to begin doing gymnastics exercises on the metal Gymnastics ladder is a year and a half. However, even a younger active toddler (about a year aged) might be interested in the Gymnastics ladder. By the use of the Gymnastics Wall Bars your toddler will quickly learn how to stand, raise himself and walk independently by holding the crossbars. The first falls of a child will be softened by the gymnastics mat. So the exercises on such equipment will help your child become more agile and flexible.

Certainly a huge motivation for a child to exercise on the Gymnastics Wall Bars will be his parents’ example. If the father regularly chins up on the Pull-up Bar, and the mother does legs raises (which in turn is very useful in the case of “sitting work” and is a great prevention against degenerative disc disease), the child will certainly follow the pattern of his parents.

If you and the members of your family like to do sport activities at home, the best decision it is to do it on the metal Gymnastics Wall bar Champion. If in your family there are several children, you can organize the contest, in which the winner will be those of the children who will longer hang on to the Pull-up Bar or on the gymnastics rings. If in your family there is only a one child, the role of the competitor can play one of the parents. Indeed the stretching on the Pull-up Bar is beneficial not only for children (which helps in the correct formation of the spine), but also for adults (helps to reduce back pain).

Here are few exercises recommended by us:

The regular stretching on the Pull-up Bar your child can complicate by doing hanging leg raises and bent-knee raises. Ask your child to raise straight legs. Also you can compete with your child, the winner will be that person who will be able to raise and lower his legs more time. The next stage of the exercises is to raise straight legs and simultaneously turn them at first the one way and then the other way. At the beginning it does not matter whether he can do it fully successfully or not. Anyway, while doing these exercises are strengthen the muscles of his chest. You can help and hold your toddler at the beginning! Ask your child to stand on the bottom of the crossbar facing to the wall, his hands shall grip the horizontal bar at his chest height, and then he shall try to sit up. Now, let the child to grabs a one bar higher and let his legs hang freely. Next let your child to put his foot on the lowest crossbar again. Then ask him first to tilt and alternate the straight leg back, and then he can do the same exercise by both legs at the same time. Next child can stand back against the wall, and put his legs on the lower crossbar, his hands should take the bar slightly above the head and then he can bend forward.

Before doing such exercise as Crab your child shall prepare and do the following:

1. Go back to the wall, bend his back and grab the bar by his arms.
2. Gradually he will be able to go down lower and lower, by grabbing the lower bars of the ladder, eventually it will be more and more easily to perform the classic Crab position.
Exercise for stretching:
1. Ask your child to stand sideways to the wall and put one leg on the bar (on a comfortable height for him).
2. Then child shall lean through his shoulder to the leg (without bending his legs). Then the same exercise he shall do on the other leg. The same exercises also can be performed while standing facing the wall.

The child can familiarize with a gymnastics rope by doing simple swing on it.

Familiarization with the gymnastics rings is better to start with swing and stretching on them. Then your child can try to do Pull-ups and legs raises. Performing exercises on gymnastics rings brings a good contribute to the development of the vestibular apparatus. While doing Pull-Ups ask your child to reach his chin to one of the rings and take a balance in this position. While sagging on the rings the child can also raise the legs that are bent at the knees. The other type of the exercises at the gymnastics rings are free lifting and lowering of the straight legs.

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