Diet or activity – what is more important?

October 10 2017

Correct diet is not half the success … it’s 70% ! You can certainly say that diet – understood as a proper nutrition – is the basis of success.

D + S = Health

If there was a mathematical formula for health, it would look exactly like that: D – that is balanced diet plus S – that is sport, equals success – healthy and beautiful body. Unfortunately, there is the still existing myth that physical activity is mainly responsible for being physically fit, and that proper nutrition is less important. This is a big mistake. A well-balanced diet, with no extra exercise, will always work and will make you lose weight. On the other hand, even the extremely intensive training and pouring of the sweat sea without a healthy diet will not produce the intended results. Why? Proper diet is the foundation for maintaining optimum weight, but also the “skeleton” of our entire body.

Proper nutrition creates good form, well-being and physical fitness. As experts point out, nutrition should be looked at over the long term, not only through the prism of throwing away kilos of unnecessary kilograms. Many people who hear the word “diet”, imagine starvation and lack of energy, associate it only with slimming. Actually, it means a personalized diet. Reducing diet – because only this allows you to lose weight in a healthy way – can not be hunger-strike! To maintain a healthy silhouette outside and inside you can only do by rational nutrition and changing bad habits.


However, to reach 100 percent, we still need the remaining thirty percent. As previously mentioned, unnecessary kilograms can be dump properly while composing meals, but to achieve a fully balanced, healthy lifestyle we need physical activity. And it’s not about “pushing-to-the-limits” training, but short (20-30 minutes) exercise or outdoor activities. In the rush of daily duties, it is not easy to find a moment to go to the gym. That is why, more and more stars and fitfreaks are installing the most versatile sports set at home, invented in Sweden – gym ladders (seams En ribbstol).

It is one of the most functional exercise equipment that can easily transform into a small home gym. It should be emphasized that the selection of metal gym ladders should be guided by the quality of their executed and the company’s certificates. Benchmark is a manufacturer of BenchK metal gymnastic ladders, manufactured from the highest quality metal, and boasts a European safety certificate. The ladder in the installation does not make much effort, and thanks to its small size it takes up little space in the apartment. The BenchK metal gym ladders allow you to do a series of exercises any free time. And so tummy tucking or tucking can be done waiting for the kettle whistling to inform you that your favorite tea is ready.

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