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For your convenience, we offer the following payment methods:

Credit card

Bank transfer

The price in Euro on our website guarantees free delivery within the EU.

Products ordered in our online store are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Standard delivery time is a maximum of 3-5 business days. After the package is shipped, the buyer receives a tracking number that allows him to track the package as it is delivered.


The customer has the right to return the product without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of purchase. The return of BenchK products is possible only if it has not been unpacked and assembled as a whole and does not show signs of use. Return possible after prior telephone or e-mail contact.
Return costs are coved by the Buyer.
The return form available on the website should be completed and sent to or printed and sent by registered mail (with confirmation of receipt) to the company’s address:
Benchmark Sp. z o.o. , Hanasiewicza 15, 35-103 Rzeszów.
Please attach the original purchase document (invoice).


The customer has the right to make a complaint if the product received is damaged or defective. The basis for the complaint of the damaged product is the damage report drawn up in the presence of the courier and photos of the damaged parcel. The customer has the right to request a refund or replacement of the goods with a new one. In order to file a complaint about products purchased on the website, please send a message to the following address: or contact us by phone at +48 662 807 059.

Before purchasing and installing the BenchK wall bar please check
– height of the room – the minimum height of the room for installing the wall bar should be 10 cm higher than the height of the wall bar itself, in the case of a wall bar with a pull-up bar, make sure that the distance from the pull up bar to the ceiling is approx. 25 cm, which will allow you to do the pull-ups freely,
– type of wall – mounting is not possible to plasterboard, OSB, etc. walls.

Each BenchK gymnastic wall bar is designed to be mounted to the wall. Additionally, the BenchK 410 and 510 series wall bars offer two mounting options:
– to the wall
– expansion floor-ceiling.
Both ways are equally safe. One mounting method should be selected. The decision and responsibility for the wall bar mounting method rests with the customer.
The obligatory wall thickness in the case of installation with the use of Fischer expansion bolts available from BenchK is 12 cm. In other cases, it is only a recommendation.

A paper assembly instruction is included with each product. There is a QR code in the top right corner of each instruction that redirects you to the video instruction.

The technical drawing of the BenchK wall bar is included in each PDF manual on page 3, additionally, 3D models are available on our website. (link)

BenchK provides a warranty as a manufacturer
– for metal parts: 10 years
– for other elements: 2 years.

The warranty does not cover defects resulting from:
a) mechanical damage,
b) use inconsistent with the recommendations of the manual,
c) improper installation (assembly) and configuration (inconsistent with the rules contained in the manual).

Spare parts under warranty are shipped within one business day.

Premium customer service

Regardless of the country, when purchasing BenchK products you become a member of the BenchK Family.
When choosing BenchK, you get professional support and advice not only during the purchase process but also after it.
Virtual presentation available 24H/7 in which Richard introduces selected models of BenchK wall bars.

Our consultants are at your disposal if you have any question about the choice of the wall bar, the purchase process, during the assembly and any problems with its use.
Customer service is being executed through various channels:
– by phone – we are available by phone regardless of the time of day, also during weekends,
– by e-mail – we try to respond within 1 hour or at least one business day,
– chat on the website and messages via social media – we do not have automatic replies set, direct contact with our consultants.
Complaints resolved within 24 hours.

The 3D models of BenchK gymnastic wall bars clearly show the structure of multi-functional gymnastic wall bars and BenchK pull up bars.
Models are available for interior designers on the website:
3D models in the 3d Warehouse – in the cloud (link)

Where are BenchK wall bars manufactured?

BenchK wall bars are made entirely of Polish raw materials. Production takes place at the manufacturing facility in Rzeszów (POLAND).
Wooden elements are made of solid beech wood, manually oiled with organic oil intended for contact with food.
Foam parts of the equipment, such as backrests, armrests, bench seat, and knee rollers are made of integral polyurethane which is durable and easy to clean.

What do your safety certificates mean?

BenchK gymnastic wall bars and additional equipment are manufactured in Poland in accordance with the European safety standards PN-EN 12346: 2001, PN-EN 913: 2019-03 for gymnastic equipment. It means they can be used in schools, kindergartens, rehabilitation centers, hotels, offices, emergency services stations, but also by private customers who can be sure that the products installed in their homes are safe and durable.

How long does it take to process the order?

Orders are processed within 24 hours after the payment is received. Standard delivery time is 3-5 business days. After the package is shipped, the buyer receives a tracking number that allows him to track the package as it is delivered.

What do I do if the received package was damaged?

In case the product is damaged or defective, the customer has the right to file a complaint. The basis for the complaint of the damaged product is the damage report drawn up in the presence of the courier and photos of the damaged parcel.

What is the delivery cost?

The price in Euro on our website guarantees free delivery within the EU.

Is the floor-ceiling mounting system of the wall bar safe?

Strut assembly is as safe as mounting to the wall, also confirmed with a certificate. Its additional advantage is that there is no need to drill into the wall. It is not necessary to use both methods of assembly.
Only one method of installation should be selected.

What is the maximum weight of a person exercising on a wall bar?

Maximum user weight
for the steel gymnastic wall bar is 150 kg
for the wooden wall bars is 120 kg
steel accessories (pull up bar, dip bars) is 150 kg
wooden pull up bar is 120 kg
of gymnastic accessories (rope, gymnastic rings with tapes) is 80 kg
exercise benches are 350 kg

What if there is a problem with the attachment of the wall bar pieces / accessory parts / the attachment of the accessories to the wall bar?

It is very important at the initial stage of mounting the pull up bar and dip bar not to tighten the screws. Only when all elements are put together and fit into the holes in the wall bar, tighten all the screws using maximum force.


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