Certificate of safety standards COBRABID – BBC

April 2 2017

All Metal Gymnastics Wall Bars of BenchK have certificates of safety standards which confirm that Wall-Mounted Metal Gymnastics Wall bars of BenchK meet the European Union norms of safety standards according to the established regulations. Metal gymnastics Wall Bars have been designed and manufactured in compliance with Polish and the European Union standards (PN – EN 12346:2001,PN-EN 913:2008).Certificates of safetystandards we have received from the Institute of Certifications COBRABID – BBC Ltd.

Our trademark

We are the only company in the EU, which has the exclusive right to use the name of BenchK. We have also the right of the ownership for a trademark BenchK, granted by the European Patent Office. This right gives to our company the exclusive right to use the word BenchK in the advertising and labeling of all our services and products.


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