Buying our equipment you help as well

March 23 2018

The mission of our company is to promote balanced development of kids – both physical and intellectual. The number of Polish homes with wall bars produced by BenchK is constantly increasing. From the feedback of our clients, we know that all children which tried to exercise and simply have fun with the help of our wall bars loved them immediately.

Seeing the use and joy which our wall bars give to children we decided to go further. There was made a decision to support children which spend weeks at hospitals and rehabilitation centers suffering from critical illnesses. We are the socially responsible company. Not a long time ago we started to support the Foundation Dr Clown, the volunteers of which visit children mainly at cancer departments. Within a minute of playing and exercising, children get back to carefree childhood.

Currently, we decided to enhance our impact by giving certain percent from each sold wall bar to these children. Saved in such way resources allow us to send our multifunctional wall bars to hospitals and other places in which young patient will have the opportunity to use them.

Buying our equipment you help as well.

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