Ewa Chodakowska wall bars

In October this year, BenchK established cooperation with BeBio Sp. z o.o whose owner is Ewa Chodakowska – a very well-known and popular Polish fitness trainer.

Thanks to this, BenchK ladders can be found in the online store offer on

With the help of BenchK ladders, even busy people will find a moment to perform a full, varied workout involving different parts of the body – without leaving home and at any time. There will be enough space for a BenchK ladder even in the smallest apartment.

Everyone can independently and effectively take care of his or her physical form. BenchK ladders can also be found in many fitness clubs. They are multifunctional and take up little space (1m2) so you can start working on your figure very quickly. Benchk ladders are excellent for both beginners and advanced users.

The most famous Polish personal trainer Daniel Qczaj and his Winner Black gymnastic ladder.

The most famous Polish personal trainer Daniel Qczaj is the hero of the next episode of “Gwizady Prywatnie” (“Celebrities in private”) on TVN Style. He is also the owner of Winner Black Benchk gymnastic ladder, on which we can catch a glimpse in this episode of the program.

We invite you to watch TVN Style, replays – Friday 05:05 pm, Saturday 08:45 pm, Sunday 10:15 am, Monday 03:50 pm!

The film comes from Ula Pedantula fan page – we encourage you to like and follow.

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"Dr Clown" Foundation

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Our best wishes on that fine Monday.
We`d like to present our gymnastic wall bars, which are proudly represented in the rehabilitation centre Copernicus Podmiot Leczniczy Sp z oo presented by the firm BenchK Gymnastic wall bars and handed by us.
From now on they will serve to the rehabilitation of the patients.
Have a good day.

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Report on 'Europe – ISPO' Tradeshows
drabinki-gimastyczne-na targach

Report on ‘Europe – ISPO’ Tradeshows

In 2018 BenchK has taken part in the largest sport exhibition in Europe – ISPO. The company was the only representative of multifunctional wall bars at the whole ISPO. Nobody had anything similar. BenchK has presented models for family, kids, adults and professional athletes . Because of the wide range of multifunctional wall bars BenchK also use wide range of materials like wood, metal, PU.

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Let’s play! 😀 😛 😮 💪 💕
When the weather is not good outside, the home jungle gym is the best. Look at the BenchK gymnastic Wall bar. I commend them.
You can’t imagine how my son goes crazy on it! Lifting weights is easy for him. 😉 I returned to the hanging in but I am going to return in March…
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Gymnastics Wall Bars


Vadim Zemlyanoy from Dnieper, co-owner of Benchmark, has found niche on the Polish market and decided to fill it. He produces and sells gymnastic metal ladders – the structures which are the basic element of the children’s room on the other side of the Bug.

See the whole article in the paper version in Plus Business Edition or on the website:

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Gymnastics Wall Bars


“Joint exercises build a stronger emotional bond and they create healthy habits because it is the parents who inspire children to take their own actions and physical activity.”

Champion gymnastic ladder is an interesting alternative to develop the physical activity of children and parents at home. This is a cool home-based sensory integration and gym in one, that allows you to practice and develop physical coordination or train at all times. Very interesting idea for active families. “- wrote Wiola Skawinska and marked our product 5!

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Gymnastics Wall Bars Benchk


“… We’ve  recently refreshed John’s room. We painted the walls, raised the bed, joined the slide, stairs and curtains – creating a great base (on one side the space vehicle, on the other pirate hide) to play. We have also added a large bookshelf to the ever-expanding library. We also came up with a toy rack and several containers. And our biggest hit – gymnastic ladder (viewed from Kamil – BlogOjciec) ….

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Article from blogOjciec
Gymnastics Wall Bars Benchk


“… However, when I was informed that someone had finally filled the gap in the market, I decided to take a closer look. Someone, specifically Benchmark (, has created a series of gymnastic ladders that, fortunately, have little in common with their wooden school counterparts. And I tell you, I’m  a fan of it. Those days when the P.E. classes exemption rises avalanchly and children’s obesity is also more and more common, such ladders are in my opinion a step in a decisive good  direction… ”

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