BenchK gymnastic ladders – multifunctional sport equipment in a scandinavian style

July 24 2017

We have already written a lot about the advantages and benefits of having gymnastic ladders at home. It is clear that when deciding to purchase any sports equipment, we are primarily driven by health consideration and the will to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The disadvantage of this type of equipment can be their more or less visible presence in the apartment. An interesting solution is the BenchK gymnastic ladder which, thanks to its appearance and size, “will not clutter” your home. These gymnastic ladders are neatly-spaced, relatively space-saving devices that, thanks to smart and functional furnishing, will become almost unnoticeable at first glance. The great advantage of gymnastic ladders is also the design that fits into Scandinavian style, which is now very popular. The Scandinavian or Swedish style is characterized by simplicity, uncomplicated forms and unimposing design. Less means more.

BenchK gymnastic ladders

Besides, more and more people follow the motto “less means more”. This often involves a small apartment or a practical approach to living, also in terms of your home arrangement. We are less and less reluctant to buy non-functional ornamentation or furniture. Similarly with sports equipment – stationary bike or exercising atlas disturbs the harmony in the room and does not necessarily fit in its decoration.

Does this mean that estates are deprived of the opportunity to practice homework?

Fortunately not. Those who are sensitive to the beauty will certainly be interested in the BenchK gymnastic ladders. Why?

First of all, metal ladders and Scandinavian style are connected by the common “birth” country – Sweden. Secondly, they are characterized by simple form and non-obstructive design. And what’s more, properly space planning (setting it e.g. behind a wardrobe) ladder can be almost unnoticeable. Sports equipment BenchK is a small home-based sports center, where we perform practically any type of training: strength, cardio, stretching. Depending on the space you have at your disposal, you can decide on the gym ladder itself, or attach additional elements such as a bench, a rope or a stick. All sports accessories are compact and, when properly installed on the rungs, do not pledge and interrupt the interior. Good because Polish.

Moreover, fans of minimalism, healthy lifestyle especially in the “slow life” edition will be interested in the fact that when buying metal ladders BenchK, they choose a young Polish brand, which was created in 2015 in Rzeszow.

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