Inspired by presumably the most universal sport-set all over the world designed in Sweden in the 21 century by Pehr Henrik Ling, not only we`ve launched the completely new products but definitely created the new category of products – metal gymnastic wall bars.

Watch out for fakes! Some producers use Benchk multifunctional wall bars design without any agreement backend by law. That is why lots of products imitating our wall bars have appeared. Counterfeit products are often characterized by low quality and short durability. The customers should be aware that usage of those products may be dangerous and causing health risks.

Gymnastics Wall Bars
The history of the company

When you believe that everything is possible and your passion starts transforming into reality – then you see that your efforts were worth it. Taking the family business as the basis, we got the possibility to connect our passion and work keeping the common sense in mind.

Using the background of our previous work experience in the role of ordinary employees, we consider that clients should have the right to know whom they are cooperating with. Thus, dear clients, we want you to know what forms the image of the brand BenchK.

Everything started when in 2014 Irena Zemliana – co-owner of BenchK – moved to live and   work in Poland, the land of her grandfathers, with her husband  Vadym and daughter.

“While having a walk with the kid we mentioned that we have never seen a pull up bar or a wall bar at the backyards of houses or schools. The attempt of trying to find a multifunctional wall bar at shops was not successful. Do what you`re thinking about – that’s how we call our business plan. We started to deal with something we are feeling to be connected with.

BenchK is 100% Polish capital.

Winner-Black 46%46
Olympic 28%28
Champion 17%17
Others 9%9
Our core values :

Constant development of firm during which we`ve researched our client`s needs, led to making some improvements or launching completely new multifunctional wall bars. Because of such measures, currently, our wall bars are considered to be the most prestigious on the market. It is indicated by the quality of production and used materials. However, to strengthen our statements, there have been conducted researchments which led to certifying our wall bars.

Social responsibility of our business

BenchK is the socially responsible firm. Buying our equipment you  are helping sick kids.

We hope that our enthusiasm will be shared by our clients. We want multifunctional gymnastic wall bar to become irreplaceable assistant in the world of health and sport in Poland.

This clip was filmed specially to the needs of ISPO-2018. BenchK showed all stages of manufacturing of both metal and wooden wall bars. Basing on our own experience in producing metal gymnastic wall bars, we offer the most optimal solution for exercising – models for adults and kids.

We use the metal of high quality. It`s thickness varies from 2.0 to 3.0 mm depending on the model . We deliver the metal to the factory directly from the steelworks that in its turn guaranties the high quality of metal. Each day we work on improving the quality of BenchK Multifunctional Wall Bars by modernizing the technologies and machines.

The feedback of customers:

LOCZI from Allegro

Express delivery, exactly the one I ordered. Solid packed. I am very satisfied by this products. I used the floor-ceiling way of mounting and it is dead fixed. I am under the impression of the multifunctionality of that set. Recommend.

IZABLA25 from Allegro

Metal gymnastic wall bar is my revelation. Super customer service, express delivery. The joy of kids is priceless. Recommend 100%.

EWELINA from Facebook

Proven and solid producer. Reliable firm.

PAWEŁ from Google Plus

Super gymnastic wall bar for kids. They are having a mega pleasure. I have more time when they are playing. I use the wall bar from time to time as well. Recommend.