Inspired by, perhaps the most versatile, sports set in the world invented in Sweden by Per Henrik Ling in the 18th century, we have  introduced not only a completely new product, but we have created a brand  new category of products – gymnastic metal  ladders.

All of our products offered on the website have been registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office  as EU industrial designs.

Watch out for fakes! Some manufacturers use unlawfully patterns of BenchK  gymnastic metal ladders. That is why many products imitating our ladders have appeared on the market. Counterfeit products are often of low quality and are less durable. Buyers should be aware that using these products can be dangerous and can cause a health risk.

Gymnastics Wall Bars

The company was founded in XXXX by Mr. Wadim …

Continuous development of the company, which includes for example the study of customer needs, has resulted in introducing improvements or new products for gymnastic ladders. Thanks to such steps at present, our company’s gym ladders are among the most prestigious in the market, as evidenced by the performance and quality of materials. However, to be honest, our entire assortment has been subjected to research as indicated by the acquired Certificates.

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, the magazines have changed 4 times since the last few years, because of the high level of interest in healthy living and hence the demand for our equipment. In addition, the increase of the production line and the marketing department forced the company to employ a qualified team of people specializing in creating and distributing our products. You can read about it by reading newspapers e.g. “Puls Biznesu”.

In conclusion, the company is constantly evolving and certainly will not stop.

Winner-Black 46%46
Olympic 28%28
Mistrz 17%17
Others 9%9
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