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Gymnastic ladders for children and adults

Welcome to the BenchK metal gymnastic ladder.

You will find an exercising equipment for both children and adults. The ideal gym ladder for kids are the Kiddy and Junior. The first one  with wooden crosspieces is perfect for simple exercises and available yellow colour.

Gymnastic ladders Junior and Kiddy

In the bundle to the wall bar we also put gymnastic ladder and gymnastic rings. It will be the great attraction and fun for your child and his  friends (birthday parties with friends and their kids, too).

The gymnastic ladder Junior is suitable for older children. It is completely made of metal, the profiles are coloured in  yellow while rungs have different coloures: red, blue and green. As well as the gymnastic ladder Kiddy, Junior, besides the possibility of doing gymnastic exercises, is a great fun for the little ones.

The most important advantages of gymnastic ladders BenchK


The BenchK sport ladders are designed in such way that everybody will find a wall bar out of the wide range of wooden and metal multifunctional wall bars for all ages.


Our wall bars are available in moderate colors. These stylistic conventions  make the ladders perfectly integratable into the interior of you room.


The square profile is produced  of one piece of metal, without welds, bolts and plastic connections, that it’s turn increases the safety and durability of the gym ladder.


Benchk multifunctional ladders occupy very small area of your room, thus they can be installed even in very small rooms.


Safety Certificate  is the highest form of buyer confidence in the product, confirming its good quality and reliability in  production. The Safety Certificate is a document recognized in the European Union.


The range of our gym ladders is very large. Our assortment includes gym ladders for more advanced users, such as Winner Black, Olympic or Energy.


BenchK ladders are perfect for rehabilitation exercises for children and adults. They are very practical and at the same time essential in every rehabilitation center, physiotherapy or at the gym.


Common exercises build a stronger emotional bond, and they shape healthy habits, because it is precisely the parents who inspire  children to take their own actions and physical activity.

BenchK sports ladders for amateurs and professional athletes – Energy, Winner Black and Olympic.

The “Master” sports ladder is an ideal solution for parents who can train with their kids. In such way parents give a great example to their children, instilling in them the love for sport since early childhood. Frequent exercises on the gym ladder allow the child to grow healthy.

The sport ladder Olympic is a new product on the Polish market. No manufacturer today produces such sports equipment. In the Olympic ladder there are used the best functions, better than in the Winner Black and Energy ladders, and we have added a lot of new features that have created unique sports equipment for home exercising and rehabilitation.

The gym ladder Olympic is freestanding, it doesn’t need a wall installing or by expanding, you can easily and conveniently move it from one place to another.

The ladder Olympic consists of 2 posts, which are made of a 40 × 50 mm profile, a bench for exercise, a handrail with armrests, a soft backrest and a pulling rod.

Gymnastic ladders - today and history

drabinki sportowe

Undoubtedly the value of the sport ladder Energy is its square side pipe, which is a uniform element without welds and bolts, which translates into greater safety of the ladder.

The crossbars are in the form of a solid metal tube covered with plastic. The gym ladder includes a bench, handrails for exercise, a practical bar handle and a bar. It is important in the point of view of the individual user that the ladder can be install to the wall or by expanding. The accessory is covered by the guarantee of free delivery.

The Winner Black is our flagship product as well as a real rarity for all, whose healthy silhouette and physical fitness are priorities. The metal ladder can be attached directly to the floor. Its undisputed feature s is its superior strength.

The ladder can withstand up to 150 kilograms. This is a great advantage especially for users with more weight. This accessory can be used even in gyms.